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My therapist is famous

My therapist is famous Posted on oktober 11, 20172 Comments

Bebe Rexha concert in Antwerp, by Lorenzo Veppi

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote on this blog, and shame on me for not doing it. But moving to Antwerp, starting my last year at college and trying to keep up a social life has been quite the challenge for me. And on top of it, I got ill and it took 2 weeks for my body to fucking cure. YAY. So yes, I have to admit that I go to therapy when times get rough. And believe it or not, but Dua Lipa is my therapist. Her greatest advice? One, don’t pick up the phone… You know ;).

Without joking, today was the first time in weeks I actually got to relax for a bit. I started looking at my schedule and thought about everything that’s coming up. I couldn’t help but notice that my weeks are jam packed. Especially since I will be attending four concerts in the coming three weeks (and it will probably become even more lol). Some of them are on a weekday which can be a struggle to combine with heavy schooldays, but I’m just so fucking happy. Why? Let me explain what concerts mean to me.

Concerts are my therapy

Troye Sivan in Antwerp, by Lorenzo Veppi
Troye Sivan in Antwerp, © Lorenzo Veppi

Some people will immediately agree with me and understand what I’m talking about. Concerts mean so much to me and have a very therapeutic effect. Not only because you get to see some of your faves on stage and realize that they are alive and breathing THE SAME AIR AS YOU ARE in the same room. They’re just fucking THERE. But also because most of the times an artists’ music means something to me. I listen to music all day long and it’s kind of my support system. When I’m having a difficult time, I put some music on and it helps me feel better. But apart from music, some artists are doing great things for some good causes, speaking up, raising awareness… All things which I admire.

What I love even more about concerts is that special atmosphere. You’re standing there in a crowd of thousands of people, and you don’t care about anything. Nobody cares about shit. Everybody is there to have a good time and forget about everything else. There’s times where I’m sweating like a pig, thirsty AF and my legs are cramping up because I’ve been standing for hours, but when the music starts… All of that doesn’t matter. I jump like I never jumped before, scream every single word to the top of my lungs and I just feel free. Life is made of small moments like these. I look back at all those fun times and feel nothing but happiness. It’s the magic of music.

This doesn’t even describe half the things I feel and think about concerts, but I just don’t know how to express what it means to me. If you feel the same way about it, you’ll get what I mean.

So, are you feeling like having a musical therapy session? I listed some upcoming concerts which I will definitely be attending. Let me know if I will see you there!

  • Oct 14 – Astrid S in Brussels
  • Oct 21 – Bazart in Antwerp (shoutout to Lorraine for buying tickets for my birthday ??)
  • Oct 31 – Banks in Brussels
  • Nov 3 – Dua Lipa in Antwerp
  • Nov 5 – Sigrid in Brussels
  • Nov 25 & 26 – Loïc Nottet in Brussels
  • Dec 12 – Oh Wonder in Brussels


Featured image: Bebe Rexha in Antwerp, © Lorenzo Veppi

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  1. I can totally relate to this, music takes you away from the world around you and makes you forget everything you were worried about the minute before. And I’m SO excited for Dua Lipa next month!

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