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ARTIST TO WATCH: Tayá fills the R&B void

ARTIST TO WATCH: Tayá fills the R&B void Posted on oktober 18, 2017Leave a comment


“PRAISE THE LORD!” I screamed to my friends, seconds after British singer Tayá started singing. I have discovered many of my favorite artists when they opened up for someone else. It’s a bit funny because I discovered Astrid S, who brought Tayá as a special guest for her first headlining tour, when she opened up for Troye Sivan last year. But never before have I been blown off my socks like this before. 

I’m a 90’s kid and grew up on nothing but good ass R&B music (shoutout to my family for having such good taste). Some of you may know this feeling, but I feel really nostalgic about these times. Obviously R&B is still really big and there are lots of good artists out there who try new things, but I miss what it used to be. I’ve just been longing for some new Ne-Yo‘s and Cassie‘s since forever, and it seems like my prayers have been answered.

90’s R&B

TayáThat’s why I am completely OBSESSED with Tayá. The best way to describe her music is 90’s R&B with a 2017 finish. And it’s this finishing touch that does it. There have been lots of artists who tried to revive 90’s R&B, but end up just being a flat copy. However, Tayá managed to find the perfect balance and makes it feel very fresh.

But it’s not only the music, this 19-year old girl from Liverpool has some serious vocals going on. Although I’m not a huge Ariana Grande fan, there are some resemblances with her voice, but it also reminds me a lot of Ciara. Still, she has a very recognizable and unique sound which almost makes me feel ashamed for comparing her to others.

As a person, she comes across like a really humble and genuine girl. I had a little talk with her after the concert and she’s just the sweetest. She also seemed really overwhelmed with all the love she was getting from the crowd in Brussels, which was really nice to see. I was definitely not the only one who fell in love that night.

Artist to watch

Tayá is definitely someone to keep on your watchlist. After finishing her tour with Astrid S, she will support Swedish superstar Zara Larsson on her tour through the United Kingdom, starting October 18th. If you’re seeing her live, you’re definitely in for a treat.

Make sure to give her latest single When Ur Sober and self-titled EP a listen. At the concert, she also gave a preview of her yet to be released single Skin, and it’s REALLY good. Follow Tayá on Instagram and Twitter to find out when it’s out. And of course I will be following her along the way, so keep checking out lrnz for updates :).

Pictures by Lorenzo Veppi.

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