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ARTIST TO WATCH: Dries Van Haute’s debut

ARTIST TO WATCH: Dries Van Haute’s debut Posted on februari 7, 2018Leave a comment

Dries Van Haute by Ramzy Bentrad

Nowadays there are a lot of great artists out there, and they just keep coming. But as a Belgian I’m sometimes a bit ashamed that I listen to artists from all over the world, but rarely to music from my own country. So I kind of made it my mission to look out for local artists and support them. It already proved me that there’s some great talent, like AMERY for example. But today we’re talking about Dries Van Haute.

On January 23rd he released the music video for his first single Games, one of five tracks on his debut EP Blue Roses. Let me just tell you, it’s everything you didn’t know you needed. The music is definitely a bit more alternative but with some nice electronic touches. The weird thing about it is that something in my brain is telling me that it sounds like a certain artist, but I can’t just put one name on it. Lorde, M83, Oscar And The Wolf, Klyne… It’s the weirdest collection of artists, but could it be like some kind of mash-up of them? Or is that an insult to this genius musician?

Aforementioned music video is uh-mazing by the way. In general the tunes of the song Games are captivating, but when you’re watching the music video it just all makes sense. The choreography is beautiful and the videographer did a really great job. I would definitely like to see more Belgian artists take an example from this.

I don’t want to be pretentious by saying “mark my words, this guy is going to be big”, but I’m pretty sure that I am right on this one. It would be a real big shame to not recognize talent like this.

Check out the music video for Games below and stream his EP on Spotify or Apple Music.

Featured image by Ramzy Bentrad.

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